Greek supermarkets -Average monthly cost for online shopping at 146 euros the

Greek supermarkets -Average monthly cost for online shopping at 146 euros the

Many consumers have chosen – for the first time – to do their shopping online after the imposition of strict restrictions, while many remain loyal to this mode even after the removal of the lockdown.

The monthly cost of consumers who choose electronic supermarkets to make their purchases amounts to 146 euros, while the average basket is 78 euros, according to research by Convert Group and IELKA.

It is estimated that this amounts to about 35% of their monthly budget for the purchase of food and other groceries.

Regarding the profile of consumers who choose online supermarkets, they are mainly women, aged between 36-55, married, living in a newly built house and having on average a higher level of education and income.

About half of them buy food online at least once a month.

The main advantages of e-shopping as recognized by e-supermarket buyers are:

– The ease of transport with 59%.

– Security against coronavirus with 51%.

This is followed by the avoidance of transport costs by 30%, the ease of purchases by 28%, the speed of purchases by 28% and the search for offers by 25%. Only 11% have no idea about the advantages of e-shopping, which is an indication of the positive evaluation of this shopping channel.

These facts essentially show that while the main reason for online shopping is pandemic security, on the other hand the convenience and speed offered by e-supermarkets are the main reasons for maintaining this shopping habit.

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