Municipality of Athens – Sidewalk renovation in 410 streets

Municipality of Athens – Sidewalk renovation in 410 streets

The intervention is part of a series of large-scale projects implemented by the Municipality of Athens entitled “Culture of Everyday Life” and as stated by Mayor Costas Bakogiannis “The level at which a city stands is reflected in the demands of its people.” The Municipality of Athens continues with this brave intervention to remove problems from the list of self-evident things that Athenians have been entitled to enjoy for years. Our goal is to reset them. ”

In the meantime, the project is evolving simultaneously on four fronts with an equal number of crews and will be completed in two years. In the immediate future 410 new sidewalks, made of modern materials, will appear gradually, allowing pedestrians to enjoy their city and the disabled and visually impaired to move with confidence and safety.

It is noted that the start of the project was preceded by a systematic recording of damage and deficiencies. The project will be performed in addition to the asphalt paving projects on 1,150 roads in all municipal communities and in the 129 neighborhoods of the city, offering an overall upgrade of movement, quality of life and the appearance of the city.

In addition, the project has taken into account the “climate” factor and the environmental footprint  at two critical points: on the one hand in the widening of sidewalks or road openings that facilitate the planting of trees and greenery, on the other hand in the use of appropriate environmentally friendly materials and the energy upgrade and the dampening of high temperatures and dealing with the climate crisis. Cold and natural materials are used (cobblestones, various types of marble, natural rocks, cast floors, all with properties of cold materials), which dampen the phenomenon of the so-called “urban thermal island”, ie the discharge of high temperatures that the city retains (streets, sidewalks, buildings).

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