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No self-testing likely, but face masks to remain

No self-testing likely, but face masks to remain

Pupils will not have to carry out self-tests before going back to school, as was the case in the previous academic year, but will still have to wear masks.

According to reports, decisions are expected to be made no later than early September by the Health Ministry’s Committee of Experts, which is expected to focus on the use of masks by pupils and teachers in classrooms.

The first signals conveyed by experts and health authorities are that the regular self-tests will, barring any unforeseen circumstances, not return this year. The use of masks is expected to remain, with many advocating their mandatory use, at least in indoor areas at educational institutions.

Speaking to Kathimerini, Dimitris Paraskevis, vice president of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), said that “the mask is an effective, cost-free measure and children are used to it.” He added that it will also have an effect against the spread of the flu virus, which, based on data from the Southern Hemisphere, is expected this year to have a strong “presence.”

If the mandatory use of the mask is chosen, rather than simply recommending the use of a mask, then this could come into force from October. Paraskevis noted that the experience so far is that the spread of coronavirus within the school environment is usually observed from October onward.

Source : Penny Bouloutza Σύνδεσμος

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