Rhodes: The beaches filled with tourists and residents

Rhodes: The beaches filled with tourists and residents

Tourists and locals thronged beaches on the island of Rhodes since early Sunday morning iIn an effort to cool down during the heatwave that is hitting Greece.

Thousands of tourists and residents of the island, have rushed to the beaches of the whole island and most are expected to stay there until nightfall. The thermometer, especially on the east side of the island and specifically in the area of ​​Lindos, exceeded 40 degrees, while on Saturday at noon it reached 45!

In addition to the heat, the residents and visitors of Rhodes have to deal with the smoke from the big fires raging in Turkey that in some cases make the atmosphere “suffocating”, while it is characteristic that both in the city of Rhodes and in several villages the yards and the streets are full of ashes.

Similar conditions prevailed yesterday as a result of which people rushed to the beaches again, while the consumption of electricity from the use of air conditioners has reached record heights.

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