Storm Ballos Batters Athens with Power Outages, Flooded Streets

Storm Ballos Batters Athens with Power Outages, Flooded Streets

The weather front code-named Ballos has hit Athens on Thursday causing power outages in several parts of the capital and flooding streets.

Torrential rain has forced the Greek authorities sent out an emergency alert message warning citizens not to venture outdoors unless absolutely necessary.

So far, the Fire Brigade has received at least 90 calls for water pumping, tree felling and floods in New Philadelphia, Kato Patisia, Peristeri, Moschato and Kifissia.

At New Philadelphia students had to make a bridge with their desks in order to exit the flooded building.

Similar problems occur in Thessaloniki where in a few hours the city received half the amount of rain of the whole month of September.

Storm Ballos to continue hitting Greece through Friday

On Wednesday, The National Meteorological Service (EMY) issued a Red Alert warning about the extreme weather. It predicted powerful rainfalls, thunderstorms which will be locally accompanied by hail, and temperature drops of up to 7 degrees Celsius.

Ballos start affecting Greece on Wednesday night and it will continue to batter most parts of the country on Thursday and Friday.

It has brought heavy rains and downpours that after hitting the Ionian islands and the west of the country have now spread to mainland Greece.

The severe weather will continue to strike the whole of Greece again on Friday. The storm will weaken in the northwest on the afternoon. On Saturday, heavy rainfall and storms will affect the east of the country, but the front will gradually weaken.

The Civil Protection Ministry has asked regions and municipalities to coordinate closely and take the measures for which they are responsible. The existing general Civil Protection action plan against flooding, which will be in effect during Ballos, is code-named “Dardanos.”

The name of the new storm originates from the Italian ballo, via Latin, which derives from the Greek verb “ballizo”, “to dance, to jump.” Ballos is a Greek folk island dance with ancient elements, typical of the music of the Aegean Islands.

First snow falls in the north of Greece

Meanwhile, the first snow fell early Thursday in many mountainous areas of Western Macedonian at an altitude over 1,100 metres.

Snow is falling from early morning in the town of Nymfeo, with the height of the snow already reaching 15cm. Light snow is currently falling on the mountainous pass of Vigla at the ski resort of Florina, while other villages on the mountain of Grammos are covered with snow.

Source : Tasos Kokkinidis Σύνδεσμος

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