SYRIZA MP charges Culture Min. with not informing UNESCO of changes on the Acropolis

SYRIZA MP charges Culture Min. with not informing UNESCO of changes on the Acropolis

SYRIZA MP Sia Anagnostopoulou on Friday charged Culture Minister Lina Mendoni with responsibility for damage to the globally iconic monument of the Acropolis, over unilateral interventions that would facilitate access to the monument.

Citing a PBS News Hour report by Michael Brabant and Judy Woodruff of July 28, Anagnostopoulou said Mendoni needs to answer the report’s allegation she did not inform UNESCO about plans for concrete corridors laid in the winter of 2020. She also needs to address UNESCO’s concern that further works discontinue until they are informed about them. The Acropolis is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Monument List.

According to the translated statements of the minister cited by Brabant, Mendoni said that “UNESCO has known about these restoration works since 2002. According to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, each state should give notice before making any major changes to a monument. First of all, these changes were known already, as I mentioned earlier. Secondly, they are not major changes. And, in this case, Greece is not required to inform UNESCO.”

Further in the audio report, Brabant notes: “But, today, I was told by UNESCO that officials are certainly are not happy about the way in which the Greek authorities have behaved. UNESCO wants all work to stop until proper consultations have taken place. UNESCO is also concerned that it had to learn about the modifications from critics, instead of from the Greek state. The Greek archaeologists union says it is happy for there to be better accessibility for those with mobility problems, but it wants the impact on the Acropolis to be reduced.”

Anagnostopoulou said the minister needed to address these two points and to stop implementing the second phase of the concrete corridors on the Acropolis.

“Lina Mendoni is responsible for her persistence in carrying out acts that damage the country’s top monument and embarrass Greece internationally,” the Syriza MP said.

Source : Σύνδεσμος

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