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Bankruptcy and stigma

Bankruptcy and stigma The ability of a citizen to leave behind his debts by going bankrupt can work beneficially, which is proven by the impact that the relevant, recent law has had. Bankruptcy, when it results from true inability to pay, can also be a second chance at a fresh start and should not be […]

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Bankrupt Crypto Giant FTX Recovers $5 Billion of Assets

Bankrupt Crypto Giant FTX Recovers $5 Billion of Assets Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO and founder of the now bankrupt crypto exchange, FTX. Credit: Cointelegraph / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0 FTX Trading Ltd., the giant crypto exchange company forced to file for bankruptcy in November 2022, has reportedly located more than five billion dollars worth of […]

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The new  PPC

The new  PPC In 2019, the largest Greek company, Public Power Corporation, was almost bankrupt, unable to finance investments for its energy transition.  This stalemate ended up being paid for by consumers.  Thanks to its economic consolidation over the past two years, PPC is now able to raise funds to invest in infrastructure.  Those who […]