The changing face of the coastal front in Elliniko

The changing face of the coastal front in Elliniko

Lamda Development will seek to create a new commercial and tourist pole that will upgrade the Athenian Riviera to a high standard destination throughout the year. The regeneration of the 3.5 km long coastal front of Elliniko, is a separate development with a budget that will amount to 1 billion euros.

The projects are to start in 2022 and most of them will be completed within the first five years of the investment. In the center of this regeneration a 1 km long sandy beach will be created, accessible to all, while the Marina Galleria will dominate the front of the marina of Agios Kosmas, where the Marina Tower will be located.

It will link with the Metropolitan Park

A network of 50 km long unobstructed walking, cycling and public transport routes will connect the coastal front with the Metropolitan Park and the rest of the development areas.

“Our vision is for the coastal zone of Elliniko, 3.5 km long, to become the most beautiful part of the Athenian Riviera and to become a favorite destination for entertainment, sports, relaxation and entertainment for all, but also a new commercial and tourist pole that will create wealth for the country,” the CEO of Lamda Development Odysseas Athanassiou said, during the second in a row presentation of the work at Elliniko, pointing out that the regeneration of the coastal front will lead to rear round high quality tourism.

What will Marina Galleria include?

Designed by the architectural firm Kengo Kuma & Associates, Marina Galleria, with an area of ​​22,000 sq.m., will be one of the architectural landmarks of Elliniko. Its design will span two levels, with simple lines and a wavy roof inspired by the sails of boats sailing in the Greek seas, is in harmony with the Greek landscape. The investment will amount to 100-125 million euros and will be fully funded by Lamda.

Marina Galleria will open its doors in 2025 and it is estimated that in the first year of operation it will welcome 7 million visitors. It will host 30 restaurants and cafes and 70 shops.

The projects also include the renovation of the marina of Agios Kosmas, which will have 400 berths, gaining a prominent place on the map of world maritime tourism. The map of the projects will be completed by two high standard hotel units in collaboration with the TEMES group.

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