The noose for the anti-vaxxers is tightening – Investigation and “anti-vaxxers deception industry”

The noose for the anti-vaxxers is tightening – Investigation and “anti-vaxxers deception industry”

The government is trying to curb the spread of fake news on social media about the safety and the effectiveness of vaccines in an effort to prevent the spread of digital misinformation.

The noose for the anti-vaxxers is tightening, following the investigation into the vaccination industry, where crooks have hacked into online groups of deniers and anti-vaxxers, selling “legal weapons” and advice, promising “protection” by State decisions on measures and the vaccine.

Heavy fines

The Cybercrime Division of the Hellenic Police has targeted websites and social media profiles that promote fake news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, and according to its director, Vasilis Papakostas, in addition to the criminal part, a tax audit will also be carried out and fines may be imposed.

“Since yesterday, on the orders of the Minister of Civil Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, we have launched an investigation to identify some people who, using blogs and social media accounts, make posts that are dangerous for the public health,” he told to the Skai Channel, adding that there are several Greek pages that are being investigated.

How are the accounts detected- The whole process

Explaining the procedures that are followed, after the accounts are detected, Mr. Papakostas stated that the “take down” of the websites cannot be done by the Greek police and that it can only be done only due to specific offenses.

“The process is as it follows: a case-file is being formed, the prosecution service is informed in order to characterize the offenses and then the case is submitted to the Justice.

He also added that the authorities will examine both the personal profiles and pages of instigators, as “it does not matter if the offense and the incitement is committed by one person or is collective”.

He added that there are complaints from citizens, who detect such posts and they forward them to the Cybercrime Division so us to become part of our investigation.

Indicative of the effort made is the fact that, in the previous period, case-files were formed for at least 28 people who were deniers of the mask.

Anti-vaxxers deception industry

The “industry” of cheating on anti-vaxxers has also grown: Experts are supposed to sell “legal weapons” and advice to anti-vaxxers, promising to “legally protect” them, if they do not comply with the measures (rapid test) or are not vaccinated.

The Cybercrime Divison has identified at least nine websites and profiles linked to it, and only one of them had a total of 7,000 members, according to Open channel.

Police are looking for incriminating evidence about the administrators of these pages, while even “price lists” of false legal advice are circulating on the internet.

“We will not allow irresponsible groups of people to create unrest in society”

The Citizen Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, has clarified that all these cases will reach Justice and called on the citizens to report such incidents.

In a statement to Skai channel, the Minister said: “I have instructed the head of the cybercrime division to gather from the internet and social media all the information related to the actions of inciting the citizens, against public health, public safety and the State. The country needs to move forward, safely, in unity, and we will not allow various groups led by irresponsibility, backwardness and irrationality or any kind of selfishness to create unrest in society. All relevant cases must be brought to justice immediately. And I know that after our announcement there are many citizens who will contribute to the emergence of such cases “.

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